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Organometallics in Synthesis - A Manual

Manfred Schlosser

Gebunden, 1256 Seiten
2. Auflage, Februar 2002
ISBN: 0-471-98416-7
John Wiley and Sons


The use of organometallics in synthesis has become a major tool in modern organic synthesis. Organometallics in Synthesis - A Manual presents theory and hands-on protocols for use in today's synthetic laboratories. Like the 1. Auflage this book addresses the question of how to find the most useful pathways and strategies for exploiting organometallic compounds in organic syntheses.

This volume is not just another new edition, it is basically a new book. The text has increased by more than 50 percent, incorporating many new applications and protocols. All chapters on organo-alkali, -alkali earth, -titanium, -copper, -palladium, -boron, -aluminium and -tin chemistry have been completely revised and updated. In addition, the 2. Auflage of this standard reference and textbook includes new chapters on zinc, zirconium, chromium and iron compounds, covering the whole range of successful syntheses facilitated by organometallic compounds.

The Editor and the Authors have made a deliberate selection of the most successful metals and protocols, to give a unique overview on the many possibilities of organometallic compounds as reagents and catalysts. All contributions are written with practical laboratory work in mind, be it for undergraduate and graduate students learning the trade, or for the experienced industrial synthetic chemist expanding his/her repertoire with additional versatile reagents and catalysts.


Die zweite Auflage ist mit der ersten nicht zu vergleichen. Wer die erste besitzt, muss sich ernsthaft überlegen, die zweite Auflage auch zu kaufen! "Organometallics in Synthesis" ist sehr umfassend; dabei kommen auch Details nicht zu kurz. Es ist das Standard-Werk für Studierende als auch Synthese-Chemiker, da die Balance zwischen Theorie- und Praxis-Beiträgen einfach stimmt. Eine grosse Zahl an Literaturhinweisen macht das Buch zum "Jerry March" der Organometalle.


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