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Functional magnetic chemicals

TurboBeads are the next generation of magnetic beads. Our functional nanomagnets are applied to extract precious components even at very low concentrations, where a fast and cost-efficient separation is needed.

Starting from a new design of magnetic carriers in 2007, TurboBeads succeeded in producing metal nanobeads exhibiting a core/shell structure. While the metal core is responsible for the high magnetic properties, the inert carbon shell provides a highly air and chemical stability. The nanobeads can be applied in the most harsh conditions, such as low pH and high temperatures, without the problem of oxidation of the metal core.

TurboBeads technology allows the covalent functionalization of the metal nanomagnets. Since the binding relies on carbon-carbon bonds, no ligands are lost, even under demanding process conditions (high functional loading)[1]. The wide range of functionalization allows the preparation of beads with custom surface functionalities.

Magnetic chemistry

TurboBeads provides magnetic beads with covalently functionalized aromatic groups, catalysts and protective groups. The custom surface functionalities allow the preparation of magnetic chemicals to conduct usual chemical reactions such as polymerisation[2], coupling[3], or catalytical reactions[4] or for immobilization of biomolecules[5]. The highly magnetic properties allow a high recyclability of the magnetic chemicals from micro-liter to multi-liter volumes for reuse.

Fig. 1: TurboBeads technology allows the preparation of metal beads with customized surface functionality.

Functional nanomagnets

TurboBeads provides engineered magnetic nanobeads kits for the performance of chemical reactions and immobilization of biomolecules such as antibodies, oligos and peptides.

Fig. 2: TurboBeads coupling kit

Apart from providing our customers various TurboBeads coupling kits, we welcome potential partners from any industry to jointly evaluate problem solving and/or prototype development. Contact us for a wide range of possible applications.

Contact information

TurboBeads Llc.
P/O Box 188
CH-8093 Zurich
Phone: +41 78 905 00 97
Email: projects [at] turbobeads.com


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